Rheological Additives in coatings are one which control the dispersed pigment from settling, while producing thixotropic viscosity built with positive sag control and excellent levelling.

Organoclay is one such types of Rheological Additives.

Types of Rheological Additives
* Organoclays for Solvent based System
* Clay based Rheological Additives for Water based System
Advantages of Organoclays:
* Good Flow Control
* Reduces Pigment Settling
* Good Sag Resistance
* Prevents Vehicle Seperation
* Ease in Brushing or Spraying
* Viscosity Built up
* Reduces Spattering
* Removes Brush Marks
Uses of Organoclays:
* Coating Industry
* Grease Manufacturing
* Oil Well Drilling Mud
* Cosmetics
* Printing Inks
* Foundry Core – Wash
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